Friday, December 15, 2017

Should You Bathe Your Baby in the Kitchen Sink?

For generations, babies have been getting their baths in the kitchen sink. It’s simply easier on a parent’s back than hunching over the bathtub, and cleaning up is simpler, too. However, our kitchen sinks are also filled with germs; in fact, a Lysol-sponsored study  has down that almost half of all kitchen sinks harbor high levels of illness-causing bacteria.

If you do prefer to bathe your baby in the kitchen sink, but don’t want to place her right in this germ-ridden area, you can invest in a sink tub, bath cushion, or bath sling. Any of these options will keep your baby supported during bathtime on a surface that’s free of germs (without you having to give the entire sink a full scrub-down beforehand).

Regardless of the bathtime solution you choose, make sure it can be easily cleaned. Even gentle baby soaps can build up easily, and your baby may even have a bath-time potty accident, so you’ll want to be able to clean that up easily.

After bathtime, you’ll want to have some quality hooded towels on hand. Remember that babies get cold quickly, so they should be wrapped up quickly with their heads covered so they don’t get the shivers. Personalized hooded towels from our boutique with fun patterns or critters will make your baby look forward to this bonding moment even more!

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