Monday, January 15, 2018

Avoiding Illness with Clean Baby Toys

While no parent wants their child to get sick, it’s almost inevitable that their toy and play areas can quickly become filled with invisible germs that may lead to illness. By following these practical tips at home, you can clean your baby’s toys safely and effectively.

Soap & Water
Common toys like rattles and teethers can easily be cleaned in the sink with soap and water. However, you should avoid this method if the toy includes any batteries, lights, or other components that could be damaged by excessive moisture.

Many of your child’s trinkets such as stacker toys or bath toys are likely labeled as dishwasher safe. The heat from the dishwasher will help to sanitize them even more than rinsing them in the sink.

Disinfectant Wipes
Disinfectant surface wipes are a great way to clean plastic toys that cannot be submerged in water. Just be sure to let the toy air dry for several minutes before giving it back to your baby.

Washing Machine
Plush animals and baby dolls can be cleaned in the washer in dryer. Place them in a pillowcase first to avoid wear from repeated washings. In any case, check the labels on plush animals before washing them.

Babies can become sick simply by touching a toy that has germs on it, then touching their mouth (or putting the toy in their mouth). To ensure that your child’s toys stay clean, wash them after every use. Between uses, store them securely (check out our precious personalized toy chests!) rather than leaving them strewn about so you can limit their use solely to playtime.