Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Rise of Personalized Gifts

personalized baby blanket
Whether it’s Christmas, a baby shower or a birthday, a personalized gift is a great way to show a new or expecting mom just how truly special she is. Personalized gifts from Purple Pumpkin are a perfect way to stand out in a crowd, and they can make an average present into something meaningful that is cherished forever. There is much truth to the saying ‘It’s the thought that counts”!

When a gift for a new mom or baby has been custom-made or personalized, there’s no doubt it will become a keepsake. Once the baby shower or baby’s first birthday party has ended, Mom will go home and sort through her large pile of new gifts. She will likely find items she already has plenty of, duplicate gifts, or gifts that don’t match her or her baby’s needs. It’s likely they will be returned to the store, be donated or even collect dust. However, a precious gift such as a personalized baby blanket or a personalized toy chest possesses more meaning, as it was tailored specifically for her.

The most important aspect about the art of gift-giving is showing that you know the recipient really well, and that you care about them. Practicality of the gift is important to consider as well, but it’s amazing what a little bit of customization can do to make a special day or event even more memorable.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Preparing for a Flight with Your Baby

Many of us travel to see friends and family for the holidays – babies included! It’s crucial to prepare adequately for your little one’s first flight, but as a first-time parent (or even for the seasoned parent with their newest bundle of joy in tow), it required a lot of preparing and planning just to take a stroll at the nearby park. Trips in general, whether they are day trips or an extended stay, can be a stressful time – especially when you consider everything you need for your baby.

The first step to reducing your travel stress is by packing the right diaper bag essentials for your baby or toddler. Starting your trip stressed and disorganized is not a good sign for the upcoming adventure! Give yourself a head start in preparing and start with the number one essential: the diaper bag.

Your everyday diaper bag may be smaller in size in order to accommodate wipes, diapers, a spare change of clothes, a bottle and an extra pacifier. However, your travel bag should be larger to allow for extra essentials to get you through a day of flights, layovers or car trips. You don’t want to lose precious travel time by running to a store en-route because you forgot a necessity.

As for the contents of your diaper bag, here’s a list of the must-have’s that will help make your trip a success for both of you!

• Diapers (one per hour, or training pants for potty-training toddlers)
• Wipes
• Diaper rash ointment
• Wash cloth, burp cloth and a hand towel
• Two to three personalized baby bibs
• Bottle(s) or sippy cup (one sippy cup is generally sufficient, but you’ll need more than one bottle depending on the length of your trip and your child’s needs
• Formula, milk or breast milk — prepared and chilled
• Baby food with baby-safe utensils
• Bottled water
• Snacks (you can keep snacks for you or older children in your baby’s diaper bag)
• Extra clothes for baby (two or three bodysuits, shirts and bottoms)
• Baby/toddler-safe toys (don’t overstuff, but choose at least one or two you know will keep your child entertained and happy)
• Hand sanitizer
• Two pacifiers
• Travel-size first-aid kit