Friday, December 30, 2016

Getting Organized for the New Baby – Pt. 2

framed birth announcementYour empty nest is about to become full, so there’s not much time left for prepping and organization! after your little one arrives.
Make sure to complete these to-do’s before life becomes more hectic after your little one arrives.

Spring Clean: Many of us postpone our spring cleaning, but now’s the time to tackle it (for the sake of you and your baby’s health and safety). Dust behind furniture, clean the floors, and vacuum under the couch and tables, etc. Remember to stay as close to the floor as possible, as this is where your baby will be! Now is also a great time to ditch clutter such as magazines, old clothes and unwanted gifts from the holidays. Some of these tasks can be exhausting, so ask your partner or friends for help.

Do Laundry: Washing everything that doesn’t make it to your weekly loads, such as throw rugs, towels, and pillow shams. Make sure to also stock up on detergent and stain remover, because you’re soon to be washing lots of onesies, pajamas and baby blankets.

Order Birth Announcements: You can order these online so they’re ready as soon as you know your baby’s final stats. Address the envelopes now so they’re ready to be mailed, and don’t forget a framed birth announcement for hanging in the nursery!

Make the Who-to-Call List: It’s best to set this list up now so your partner knows who to inform of your new arrival. You can even set up a call chain (i.e., enlist three people who will each call another three people).

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Getting Organized for the New Baby – Pt. 1

hanging diaper stacker
“Nesting” is a soon-to-be parent’s instinct to prepare their “empty nest” to become full and busy; and with this generally comes organization, cleanliness and preparation. After all, you’ll need to make plenty of room for that new bundle of joy and all his/her necessities! If you’ve been hit with the nesting instinct, its best to make the most of it now before life becomes more hectic after the baby arrives.

Stock Up on Essentials: Although they’re tiny, babies go through endless diapers and other essentials. Load up on baby soap, bottles, bibs, baby powder, etc. Basically, pick up everything you won’t want to run out of during a busy day.

Load Up the Pantry: You likely won’t have much time for grocery shopping when the baby comes, so it’s best to stock up now on non-perishables. Load up on healthy, convenient foods such as trail mix, crackers, brown rice, healthy sauces and broths, etc. Make a space for baby food, cereal, formula, spoons, and bowls.

Prepare the Nursery: Keep the necessities you know you’ll need close at hand. This way, you can avoid having a naked, messy baby on the changing table when the clean diapers and wipes are across the room. We suggest investing in a handy hanging diaper stacker. Now’s also a great time to organize the closet and drawers.