Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Poses for Baby Portraits

Every parent looks forward to their baby’s first portraits! However, some may struggle to come up with ideas for baby poses. Of course, the possibilities will depend on your baby’s age. Every child can develop at a different rate, but here are some general guidelines to follow when planning your little one’s first photoshoot.

0-3 months: As you know, your baby is not yet able to support themselves just yet. Try nestling them in a fuzzy blanket and tucking them inside a wicker basket. A baby sleeping on his tummy also makes for an adorable shot.

3-6 months: Your baby can now hold her head up on her own! However, she’ll still need support for almost any pose. Try holding her over your shoulder; a snap of your baby looking onward makes a great shot, and is a great way to incorporate you into the photo. Or, you can put her car seat to use by placing her inside and adding a colored backdrop.

6-9 months: At this point, your baby can sit up (but likely won’t hold still for too long). If your baby likes being on his tummy, try a taking some photos featuring his favorite plush animal mat.

9-12 months: Now that your baby can pull herself up (and maybe even walk), her newly found mobility may mean she doesn’t want to sit still! Try incorporating interesting toys into the shot, or props that may entice her to hold still long enough for some pictures.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Creative & Fun Baby Shower Activities

Everyone loves the excitement of a new baby, but not everyone loves playing the same run-of-the-mill baby shower games. Here are some fresh, fun and creative activities to consider adding to your list as you plan the celebration.

Baby Shower Bingo
A few weeks prior to the shower, ask the mom-to-be some questions such as her due date, what she’s craving, etc. Then, turn her answers into a bingo card. The personal touch will be bound to make her guests more invested in winning a round. (Light pink or blue M&M’s also make for fun bingo markers; find candy by the color at your local party supply store.)

Diaper Notes
Buy a large box of diapers and have guests write funny notes on the back of them with permanent marker, such as words of encouragement or inside jokes (i.e. “Isn’t it daddy’s turn?!” or “Caution: Open at your own risk!”). Seeing a clever or funny note from a friend or family member will make the new parents’ 2 a.m. call a little more bearable after the baby arrives. (For more surprises for the mom-to-be that include a touch of personalization, see our personalized baby shower gifts.)

Guess the Baby With each shower invitation, add a note instructing guests to bring a baby photo of themselves. As the guests arrive to the party, assign a number to each photo and post it on the wall. Later, have everyone guess which photo belongs to each guest, then give a prize to who makes the most correct matches.