Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Spiking Your Child’s Creativity with Table & Chair Sets

There’s no doubt that young children love spaces that were designed specifically with them in mind. When children are accompanied by furniture that fits them perfectly, it helps create a child-centered environment that encourages them to play, draw, create, and imagine. By choosing the right size, shape and colors of your children’s playroom furniture, you can help inspire their creativity in the comfort of their own home.

At our baby boutique in Philadelphia, we offer a selection of wooden playroom tables and chairs. This material is most common, as wood is very durable. You’ll want a table that can last for quite some time, and through many different age ranges. However, we do recommend that our wooden table and chair sets are used indoors only, as wood can warp when exposed to moisture.

Table shape is also important to consider. What shape would fit best in the playroom? A square-shaped table would be appropriate in a corner, while a circular table works better out in the open. Also, if your child is likely to have friends over and you would like the ability to put multiple tables together, then square-shaped tables will be ideal.

Nothing will make your child feel more like a grown up than having their own table and chairs! Select a set today to create a special environment for your little one as they grow.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Prepare for the Beach This Summer with a Personalized Kids Beach Chair Package

Before your little ones came into the world, going to the beach likely meant gathering a few friends in your convertible and heading to the shore for a day of tanning and relaxation. But with young children now in the picture, a day at the beach has a completely different meaning! However, with some planning in advance and the right supplies, any mom can still successfully spend a sunny, stress-free day by the ocean.

It’s important not to forget the essentials, such as a protective bathing suit and sun screen for your baby. It’s also important to ensure your little ones stay hydrated in the warm weather. Finally, if you let your baby play in the sand, watch make sure he doesn’t put any in his mouth.

Once you’re sure baby is safe at the beach, the next step is to make sure he or she remains happy and occupied! At Purple Pumpkin, we recommended our personalized kid’s beach chair package. With a personalized beach chair, umbrella, bucket, shovel, and assortment of personalized beach toys, your baby will have everything they need to ensure they enjoy their fun in the sun. The umbrella will help with sun protection, the shovel and toys will keep her occupied, and the chair will make her feel like one of the grown-ups. Head over to PurplePumpkinGifts.com to create the perfect summer beach package, and add personalization at no additional cost!