Thursday, February 15, 2018

Driving Long Distance with a Baby or Toddler

Traveling with your baby can be challenging, especially if you’re making a long-distance trip. You can keep your trip or move organized and less stressful with some simple preparations.

Before the Trip
Carefully plan your route to your destination by identifying stops such as playgrounds and family-friendly restaurants along the way. Find emergency clinics as well, just in case your baby needs such attention during your trip. Also, have your baby checked by your physician before you depart to ensure he or she is in good health and okay to travel. This includes having his or her vaccinations up to date.

What to Bring
Grab your toddler’s monogrammed kids’ duffle bag and fill it with the essentials, such as:

·         Baby food/drinks
·         Bottles
·         Diapers (double the amount you think you’ll need!)
·         Changing mat
·         Baby wipes, powder
·         First aid kit
·         Sunscreen
·         Clothing for any changing weather
·         Toys
·         A CD of soothing sounds or light classical music

Try mitigating departure-time stress by packing the car the night before the trip. Use an app such as Wunderlist to assist you with packing, and remember to keep basic items such as bottles and pacifiers in arm’s reach. Only pack the trunk with the stroller and other bulky necessities.