Friday, December 15, 2017

Should You Bathe Your Baby in the Kitchen Sink?

For generations, babies have been getting their baths in the kitchen sink. It’s simply easier on a parent’s back than hunching over the bathtub, and cleaning up is simpler, too. However, our kitchen sinks are also filled with germs; in fact, a Lysol-sponsored study  has down that almost half of all kitchen sinks harbor high levels of illness-causing bacteria.

If you do prefer to bathe your baby in the kitchen sink, but don’t want to place her right in this germ-ridden area, you can invest in a sink tub, bath cushion, or bath sling. Any of these options will keep your baby supported during bathtime on a surface that’s free of germs (without you having to give the entire sink a full scrub-down beforehand).

Regardless of the bathtime solution you choose, make sure it can be easily cleaned. Even gentle baby soaps can build up easily, and your baby may even have a bath-time potty accident, so you’ll want to be able to clean that up easily.

After bathtime, you’ll want to have some quality hooded towels on hand. Remember that babies get cold quickly, so they should be wrapped up quickly with their heads covered so they don’t get the shivers. Personalized hooded towels from our boutique with fun patterns or critters will make your baby look forward to this bonding moment even more!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Teaching Your Toddler the Value of Saving

There are plenty of ways to teach children the value of money, as well as the importance of saving it. You can start teaching children these concepts when they’re as early as two years old, and one of the most effective ways is to introduce them to the iconic piggy bank.

When children put coins through the slot of their piggy bank, the practice of keeping money inside it until its full will excite their imagination. It also develops the sense of putting value on money, and how even saving small coins makes an impact. Then, as an exciting reward, your child can look forward to buying a new toy, book, or shoes with the money they’ve saved. Your child will be even more excited to save their coins when they have a personalized piggy bank that’s been made just for them.

There’s no question that teaching a child to save money can help define his or her outlook on spending at an early age. However, no lesson about money is complete without some discussion about charity. You can help teach your child how to put money in perspective by reminding him or her than there are many other things, such as family, that are invaluable.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Favorite Baby Quotes for Scrapbooks, Cards and More

When we don’t know what words to say ourselves, special quotes can help us eloquently record our thoughts.  Incorporating the right one can help a warm wish be even more memorable. We’ve gathered some of our favorite quotes that focus on a new birth so you can thoughtfully incorporate them with your scrapbook pages, cards and framed birth announcements.

When you're drawing up your first list of life's miracles, you might place near the top the first moment your baby smiles at you.” - Bob Greene

When babies look beyond you and giggle, maybe they're seeing angels.” - Eileen Elias Freeman

Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever-fresh and radiant possibility.” - Kate Douglas Wiggin

A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on.” - Carl Sandburg

My precious little baby, I have loved you from the start, you are a tiny miracle, laying closely to my heart.” – Unknown

From small beginnings come great things.” - Proverb

In addition to your new baby’s birth stats, a special quote or message can be added to our fun and adorable frame birth announcements. Order online or visit our baby boutique in Philadelphia.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Color Psychology and the Nursery

Different colors have different effects on the body and mind, so it’s important to take these into consideration when selecting a color for your baby’s nursery. While your new addition may not perceive colors correctly for some time, they will when they get older. Here’s a quick rundown of some color theory and how it can help choose the right color to feature in your baby’s nursery and personalized nursery décor.

Because red is so bold, it can work as an accent but should be avoided as a wall color. Red can energize the body, but in excess can be associated with aggression or inability to focus.

Orange is warm, friendly and promotes a welcoming feeling. It even inspires social interaction and communication. However, bold shades of orange can be over-stimulating if used wall-to-wall.

Yellow is both energetic and cheerful – after all, it’s the color of the sun! Too much yellow may be agitating for your baby, however, so stick with a softer yellow or try pairing it with a neutral color (like gray) to tone it down.

Green is said to promote calmness, thinking, and concentration. Since it’s so abundant in nature, you can’t go wrong when using green to decorate!

Blue is calming and stimulates productivity, but stick with bright shades for the nursery. Darker gray-blues or navy-blues can be associated with sadness.

Lavender and lilac are both calming and serene, thus making great choices for the nursery. Darker shades are associated with royalty and luxury. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Poses for Baby Portraits

Every parent looks forward to their baby’s first portraits! However, some may struggle to come up with ideas for baby poses. Of course, the possibilities will depend on your baby’s age. Every child can develop at a different rate, but here are some general guidelines to follow when planning your little one’s first photoshoot.

0-3 months: As you know, your baby is not yet able to support themselves just yet. Try nestling them in a fuzzy blanket and tucking them inside a wicker basket. A baby sleeping on his tummy also makes for an adorable shot.

3-6 months: Your baby can now hold her head up on her own! However, she’ll still need support for almost any pose. Try holding her over your shoulder; a snap of your baby looking onward makes a great shot, and is a great way to incorporate you into the photo. Or, you can put her car seat to use by placing her inside and adding a colored backdrop.

6-9 months: At this point, your baby can sit up (but likely won’t hold still for too long). If your baby likes being on his tummy, try a taking some photos featuring his favorite plush animal mat.

9-12 months: Now that your baby can pull herself up (and maybe even walk), her newly found mobility may mean she doesn’t want to sit still! Try incorporating interesting toys into the shot, or props that may entice her to hold still long enough for some pictures.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Creative & Fun Baby Shower Activities

Everyone loves the excitement of a new baby, but not everyone loves playing the same run-of-the-mill baby shower games. Here are some fresh, fun and creative activities to consider adding to your list as you plan the celebration.

Baby Shower Bingo
A few weeks prior to the shower, ask the mom-to-be some questions such as her due date, what she’s craving, etc. Then, turn her answers into a bingo card. The personal touch will be bound to make her guests more invested in winning a round. (Light pink or blue M&M’s also make for fun bingo markers; find candy by the color at your local party supply store.)

Diaper Notes
Buy a large box of diapers and have guests write funny notes on the back of them with permanent marker, such as words of encouragement or inside jokes (i.e. “Isn’t it daddy’s turn?!” or “Caution: Open at your own risk!”). Seeing a clever or funny note from a friend or family member will make the new parents’ 2 a.m. call a little more bearable after the baby arrives. (For more surprises for the mom-to-be that include a touch of personalization, see our personalized baby shower gifts.)

Guess the Baby With each shower invitation, add a note instructing guests to bring a baby photo of themselves. As the guests arrive to the party, assign a number to each photo and post it on the wall. Later, have everyone guess which photo belongs to each guest, then give a prize to who makes the most correct matches.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Check Out our Quilted Backpacks for Kids!

It’s almost the start of the school year!  Whether your child is heading off to preschool or returning for another year of grade school, one of the most important things they’ll need is the perfect kids’ bag or backpack.

Our baby boutique in Philadelphia has a wide selection of backpacks for boys and girls, and they even have the option to be personalized! Personalization is a great way to help your child decipher which backpack is theirs, and to prevent them from losing it. Choose to add your child’s first name, or monogram the backpack with their initials. A personalized backpack also makes a thoughtful gift for a child, grandchild, niece or nephew.

When you send your little one off to school with one of our personalized quilted backpacks for kids, he or she will be excited to show it off while remaining organized. Each bag features an easy, yet strong magnetic snap and drawstring closure. There is also a handy pocket with coordinating zipper pull.

Is your toddler not heading off to school just yet? These bags can double as a diaper or change bag. Moms will love that they’re easy to care for, and are machine washable!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Swimming with Your Baby or Toddler

If you have a pool at home, you may wonder what age it’s best to teach your children to swim. As per the American Academy of Pediatrics, most children are thought to be developmentally ready for swim lessons by age 4.

However, toddlers younger than 4 can still enjoy being in the water. Infant and toddler aquatic programs have become increasingly popular for both parents and kids. For young babies, however, a large pool can possibly be frightening. If possible, go to a small pool where there are fewer children and less noise.

It’s also important to remember that a pool’s water temperature needs to be much higher than usual if you’re going to take your baby swimming. Babies get cold quickly, so the recommended water temperature is at least 90 °F.

The time of day you and your baby go swimming can also make a difference. Try going in the early evening – your baby may be so exhausted afterwards that he or she will sleep through the night!

Early swim lessons are a good way to teach your kids to enjoy being in the water. When you do go for a swim with your baby or toddler, don’t forget the baby oil, swim diapers, and personalized hooded towels!

Friday, June 30, 2017

What to Pack in Your Baby’s Hospital Bag

When your baby arrives at the hospital, you’ll want to be sure you’ve packed all the necessities so you can focus on bonding with your family’s new addition! We recommend using a diaper bag and packing it a few weeks before your due date, just to be safe. Here’s what to be sure to have in your baby’s hospital bag for when the big day comes:

Pajamas: Bring two pairs of pajamas for your new baby. Button-up pajamas are the most convenient when it comes to changing diapers.

Blanket: Hospitals obviously have these, but bring a blanket of your choice if you plan on taking newborn photos at the hospital!

Diapers and Wipes: Most hospitals should offer these, but it’s best to be safe.

Bibs and Burp Cloths: Your baby is bound to spit up, especially while nursing.

Hats: Hospitals provide these, but you can always bring cuter ones!

Lotion: Have a little bottle on hand for your baby just in case.

Pacifiers: You may not want to give your baby a pacifier for a few weeks if you are nursing him/her. However, if you plan on giving them a bottle, be sure to bring a couple.

Going-Home Outfit: This should consist of a hat, onesie, socks, and pants.

Of course, every mother’s needs will slightly vary. We also recommend calling the hospital to see what items will be offered to you.

Do you know someone who’s expecting a new addition to their family? Check out our newborn gift packages to provide them with some beautifully-packaged necessities! 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Why Babies Need Tummy Time

If you’re a parent (or soon to be one), you likely already know that ‘tummy time’ refers to placing a baby on his or her stomach (while supervised, of course). But why is time spent in this position so important?

It’s quite simple – babies need time on their tummies to develop strong neck and shoulder muscles, which will help your little one accomplish physical milestones like sitting, crawling and walking. Tummy time is also an important factor in the prevention of positional plagiocephaly (the back of your baby’s head becoming flat). This is because if a baby’s head is left in the same position for long periods of time, the developing skull plates may move in a way that creates a flat spot.

After placing your baby down for tummy time (which should start the first day home from the hospital), he will naturally start trying to lift his head to see what is going on around him. However, he won’t be able to hold his head up for long periods of time until 3-4 months.

Only play with your baby on her stomach when she is awake and alert. When you are playing, you’ll want to be on a hard surface, such as the floor. However, we recommend using one of our plush animal mats so your baby stays comfortable (and enjoys the company of their favorite animal friend!)

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Spiking Your Child’s Creativity with Table & Chair Sets

There’s no doubt that young children love spaces that were designed specifically with them in mind. When children are accompanied by furniture that fits them perfectly, it helps create a child-centered environment that encourages them to play, draw, create, and imagine. By choosing the right size, shape and colors of your children’s playroom furniture, you can help inspire their creativity in the comfort of their own home.

At our baby boutique in Philadelphia, we offer a selection of wooden playroom tables and chairs. This material is most common, as wood is very durable. You’ll want a table that can last for quite some time, and through many different age ranges. However, we do recommend that our wooden table and chair sets are used indoors only, as wood can warp when exposed to moisture.

Table shape is also important to consider. What shape would fit best in the playroom? A square-shaped table would be appropriate in a corner, while a circular table works better out in the open. Also, if your child is likely to have friends over and you would like the ability to put multiple tables together, then square-shaped tables will be ideal.

Nothing will make your child feel more like a grown up than having their own table and chairs! Select a set today to create a special environment for your little one as they grow.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Prepare for the Beach This Summer with a Personalized Kids Beach Chair Package

Before your little ones came into the world, going to the beach likely meant gathering a few friends in your convertible and heading to the shore for a day of tanning and relaxation. But with young children now in the picture, a day at the beach has a completely different meaning! However, with some planning in advance and the right supplies, any mom can still successfully spend a sunny, stress-free day by the ocean.

It’s important not to forget the essentials, such as a protective bathing suit and sun screen for your baby. It’s also important to ensure your little ones stay hydrated in the warm weather. Finally, if you let your baby play in the sand, watch make sure he doesn’t put any in his mouth.

Once you’re sure baby is safe at the beach, the next step is to make sure he or she remains happy and occupied! At Purple Pumpkin, we recommended our personalized kid’s beach chair package. With a personalized beach chair, umbrella, bucket, shovel, and assortment of personalized beach toys, your baby will have everything they need to ensure they enjoy their fun in the sun. The umbrella will help with sun protection, the shovel and toys will keep her occupied, and the chair will make her feel like one of the grown-ups. Head over to to create the perfect summer beach package, and add personalization at no additional cost!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Quilted Backpacks for All Occasions

Backpacks can be a great accessory for children on the go. It allows them to carry everything they want and need for their journey without the hassle of carting around a variety of books, toys, gadgets, and snacks. At Purple Pumpkin Gifts, we offer a variety of quilted backpacks for kids in many fun colors and designs. Below are just some of the places a child can make use of their new quilted backpack.

School & Field Trips
Backpacks are of course mainly use for school and field trips, allowing your child to carry all of their books, pencils, and snacks with ease. Not only are our backpacks extremely functional, but their soft quilted designs makes them comfortable on their small shoulders and the bright patterns make them visible so that they’ll never get lost.

Long Car Rides
Our quilted backpacks for kids are the perfect carry-along back for long car rides. They allow your child to carry toys, books, snacks, and gaming devices with ease without leaving a mess all over the back seat. Simply pack up the bag and you’re ready to go!

Out Shopping
If your child has that book or toy they insist on bringing with them every time you go to the grocery store, a backpack can allow them to carry the toy with ease and lessens the risk of it getting lost once they get tired of holding it. With their backpack strapped securely on their shoulders, your child can bring their favorite belonging everywhere you go!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Give the Gift of a Personalized Toy Chest

When you have a friend or family member who recently became a new mom, purchasing them one of our personalized toy chests is a fantastic gift to give during holidays, birthdays, or any other gift-giving occasion. Having a little one in the house means that their toys will inevitably be scattered everywhere and a toy chest will allow for quick cleanup and easy storage.

If the child you’re purchasing for has any siblings, personalizing the toy box is an excellent way for moms and children to determine whose toys go where when cleaning up. At Purple Pumpkin Gifts, we have a variety of customization options that will allow you to personalize their new toy chest to fit the theme of their bedroom or their favorite sport. From ribbons and roses to outer space themes, we have a little bit of everything in our artwork and fonts selection.

Personalized toy chests are a great and useful gift to give any new family. At Purple Pumpkin Gifts, we pride ourselves in providing adorable and affordable personalized gifts for the children and new families in your life. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we ship our boutiques product nationwide so all families can enjoy our products. Give us a call today to order our customized children’s gifts at (215) 947-5100.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Animal Nap Mats From Purple Pumpkin Gifts

When your little one is in preschool, he or she may find everything they could want: activities, art, imaginative play, new friends, and more. However, one thing that can be tricky for toddlers at preschool is naptime, which is often their first place to nap outside of their familiar crib at home. Luckily, you can help your little one with the transition by choosing a high-quality, cute and cuddly animal nap mat.

Preschools and daycares often provide foam mats, but these can be uncomfortable and are shared among the other children. We all want our kids to be comfortable and safe, which is why many parents prefer to supply their tot with their own trusted nap mat. And because your child will likely be using it for 5 days a week for the next couple of years, you’ll want something that will hold up through countless naps and washes. But these fun and cuddly mats aren’t just for daycare – they’re ideal for tummy time for the younger ones, and make a cute rug for the nursery!

At our boutique full of both cute and practical baby gifts in Philadelphia, we offer a wide variety of fun and comfortable animal nap mats. They’re a stuffed animal and soft rug or blanket combined in one! From elephants to butterflies to puppies, we’re sure to have a comfortable, safe and fun animal nap mat your tot will love.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Fun Ways to Reveal Baby’s Gender

Are you planning a gender reveal party, or just want a cute way to tell your family and friends if you’re having a boy or girl? Keep reading for some creative gender revealing ideas to help you make your big announcement!

Colored Cake
What’s a party without cake? Add pink or blue food coloring to a white cake mix, and you’ll have a fun and delicious way to reveal your baby’s gender; just make sure you add enough frosting so no cake peeks through!

Buy a balloon for every person at the gender reveal. Before blowing them up, add some pink or blue confetti inside each balloon. Hand everybody a balloon and a pin, and have them pop at the count of three.

This idea will be the most fun of there will be older kids at your gender reveal party. Simply fill it with pink or blue candies.

Older Sibling Reveal
If the new addition has an older sibling, buy or make a shirt that says “I’m Having a Baby Sister” (or Brother). Have them keep a hoodie or jacket zipped until it’s time for the big reveal.

Have you just learned the gender of a friend or family member’s new baby? Shop our baby boutique in Philadelphia for the cutest personalized baby shower gifts!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Plush Animals for Babies and Toddlers

At Purple Pumpkin Gifts, we take pride in proving the finest in quality and excellence with every item we customize and sell. We have a large selection of dolls and plush animal toys that are great for babies and toddlers and younger children. They are cute, soft, lovable, and perfect for any gift-giving occasion.

These toys are wonderful snuggle buddies for babies, and they’re also popular with toddlers and younger children who love them for playtime, storytime, and TV time.  So whether you’re looking for a gift for a baby shower, birthday, or any occasion involving a little one, these plush animals for babies and toddlers are a great choice -  and they’re available right here at Purple Pumpkin Gifts!

When you need a special and unique gift, thinking outside the box is the way to go. Our animal nap mats make a wonderful gift that is soft, washable, and almost as adorable as your little one! Our line of plush toys and personalized blankets are a great choice for baby showers and first birthday gifts that will get lots of use and love from mom and baby alike.

All of our baby toys are made from non-toxic materials and are crafted to be safe for all ages. Every piece we sell is carefully selected and inspected for safety before it is shipped, so you know you are getting a great gift that will be safe and fun for any age. For adorable, fun dolls and plush animals made to last, our baby boutique in Philadelphia is the place to shop! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Personalized Gifts from Purple Pumpkin

There are many options available when it comes to finding the perfect gift to give at a baby shower. You can get something for the mom to be, for the little one, or for the family as a whole. Personalized baby shower gifts are becoming more and more popular because they can be both practical and memorable. Whether it is artwork, personal items, toys, or other items baby and mommy can use, a personalized touch is a sure-fire way to make any gift a big hit!

Here at Purple Pumpkin Gifts, we take pride in creating adorable gifts that are the perfect combination of beauty and grace. Our company's mission always has been and always will be to deliver the very best in personalized gifts to each and every one of our customers, no matter what they order from us. From small gifts to large, we can add that personal little touch that makes your gift stand out and be treasured for years to come!

Thanks to the support of loyal customers and the superior quality and unique designs we offer, our selection of great gifts continues to grow as our reputation and commitment to quality products and excellent service win over the hearts of people everywhere.

There is nothing cookie cutter about the items you can get from our amazing online store. They are made from the finest of materials and personalized with love and attention to detail that wins over the hearts of customers each and every time. Every piece is made to be a gift that will be treasured for years to come and displayed with love and care. Check us out today and find the perfect personalized baby shower gift that will be cherished years down the road!