Thursday, March 15, 2018

Popular Nursery Themes for Baby Girls

If you decide to go with a theme when decorating your baby’s first room, your options are limited only by your imagination and creativity. There are endless nursery decorating themes out there; however, the following are currently some of the most popular for baby girls.

Just like mommy, little princesses love some indulgence. Ornate canopy beds are perfect for an elegant girl’s room, as well as castle-themed accents. No worries if you don’t prefer pink; purple and white personalized nursery décor will complement a princess theme just fine.

Owls are back and hooter (ahem, hotter) than ever. Incorporated into bedding and wall décor, owls are whimsical creatures that lend a homey feel to nurseries and bedrooms.

Little baby girls are magical, and they should have a nursery to match! Unicorns may just be a figment of her imagination, but that doesn’t mean that her room can’t come alive with all things sparkly and mystical.

A mermaid nursery is the perfect way to bring deep colors and whimsical decor together into a wonderful space for your little one, especially if you love beach-inspired designs and deep jewel tones. For a touch of shimmer, add in gold or rose gold accents in the decor and accessories.