Friday, September 15, 2017

Color Psychology and the Nursery

Different colors have different effects on the body and mind, so it’s important to take these into consideration when selecting a color for your baby’s nursery. While your new addition may not perceive colors correctly for some time, they will when they get older. Here’s a quick rundown of some color theory and how it can help choose the right color to feature in your baby’s nursery and personalized nursery décor.

Because red is so bold, it can work as an accent but should be avoided as a wall color. Red can energize the body, but in excess can be associated with aggression or inability to focus.

Orange is warm, friendly and promotes a welcoming feeling. It even inspires social interaction and communication. However, bold shades of orange can be over-stimulating if used wall-to-wall.

Yellow is both energetic and cheerful – after all, it’s the color of the sun! Too much yellow may be agitating for your baby, however, so stick with a softer yellow or try pairing it with a neutral color (like gray) to tone it down.

Green is said to promote calmness, thinking, and concentration. Since it’s so abundant in nature, you can’t go wrong when using green to decorate!

Blue is calming and stimulates productivity, but stick with bright shades for the nursery. Darker gray-blues or navy-blues can be associated with sadness.

Lavender and lilac are both calming and serene, thus making great choices for the nursery. Darker shades are associated with royalty and luxury.