Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Teaching Your Toddler the Value of Saving

There are plenty of ways to teach children the value of money, as well as the importance of saving it. You can start teaching children these concepts when they’re as early as two years old, and one of the most effective ways is to introduce them to the iconic piggy bank.

When children put coins through the slot of their piggy bank, the practice of keeping money inside it until its full will excite their imagination. It also develops the sense of putting value on money, and how even saving small coins makes an impact. Then, as an exciting reward, your child can look forward to buying a new toy, book, or shoes with the money they’ve saved. Your child will be even more excited to save their coins when they have a personalized piggy bank that’s been made just for them.

There’s no question that teaching a child to save money can help define his or her outlook on spending at an early age. However, no lesson about money is complete without some discussion about charity. You can help teach your child how to put money in perspective by reminding him or her than there are many other things, such as family, that are invaluable.

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