Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Party Games for Baby’s First Birthday

Whether the past year has been the longest or fastest year of your life, it’s finally here – your baby’s first birthday! Here are some fun activities and games that will be perfect for your child’s special party.

Photo Board
Attach a photo of the birthday boy/girl to the center of a poster board, and let the guests leave messages on the board with markers. After the party, frame the board and hang it in the nursery or playroom as a memento.

Catching Bubbles
Hand out disposable cups, turn on a bubble machine and challenge the kids to catching as many bubbles as they can! Even if your baby doesn’t entirely grasp the concept, he’ll be happy to just play with some bubbles. If you don’t have a bubble machine, have some of the older kids blow bubbles for the little ones to catch.

Circle Time
Have the children and their parents sit in a circle on the floor. Lay out plush animal mats so the children can either sit on them or their parents’ laps. Put on a playlist with children’s music and pass around kid-friendly instruments, like maracas. The children will love making noises with the instruments as you sing and play along!

Wagon Rides
Decorate a kids’ pull wagon with streamers, balloons and the like. At the beginning of the party, have the younger guests help decorate a sign saying “Just Turned One!” Later, place the birthday girl in the wagon as guests cheer, wave and play the musical instruments. Afterwards, the other children can line up for their turn at a wagon ride.

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